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Don’t forget to frame your (or their) diploma! Too often this recognition of your achievement gets stuffed into a file to be forgotten somewhere. It should be framed and displayed proudly… after all, school is a significant investment in your life and future. With the cost of textbooks these days you’d be amazed to find how inexpensive custom framing your diploma really is.

Who needs to frame their diploma? Everyone! It doesn’t matter what your career path is. The fact that you graduated is amazing – go, you!

What about those licenses and certificates? Nothing is more beautiful than a framed marriage license or wedding invitation. Celebrate your love with a framed reminder of just why you got together in the first place.

Need to hang up a license for work? We can make frames in those funky, non-standard license frame sizes. Remember, the Frame and I specializes in custom framing! Whatever the size, we can help you display all of your achievements for the world to see!

Maps and historic documents framed properly will both enhance and preserve. them for generations.

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Customer Stories

It’s always a treat to come in and explore how best to frame and display my treasures. Have never been disappointed and continually look for new things to bring in.

Isabel Vos