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Our picture framers are artists too, and have experience with many different kinds of art media. From pen & ink, to massive works in oils, works in acrylic, and more, our experienced professional framers are also well versed in fine art production!

We are experts at handling originals and can help you choose the right framing to compliment and preserve your fine art collection. We also love working directly with artists to realize their artistic vision. From valuable artworks by the masters, to that one of a kind pastel by your child; we’ll help you frame your fine art perfectly.

  • Framed Oils
  • Framed Acrylics
  • Framed Pastels
  • Framed Encaustic
  • Framed Pencil drawings
  • Framed Charcoal
  • Framed Ceramic tile
  • Framed Bronze relief sculpture
  • Framed Watercolors
  • Framed Pen & Ink
  • Framed Calligraphy
  • Framed Leathercraft
  • Framed Woodburn
  • Framed Collage
  • Framed Monoprints
  • Framed Photographs, from digital to darkroom
  • Framed Canvas prints

If you’re looking to preserve and present your fine art masterpieces, The Perfect Corner Custom Framing is your destination!

Studio Hours

Mon-Tue By Appointment
Wed-Fri      10:30 AM - 5 PM
Sat 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
other hours may be available
by chance or appointment

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Customer Stories

Thanks for another wonderful piece! Can't wait to do another piece of glass and have you frame it

Erika Best