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When custom framing anything special that has historical or sentimental value, have it expertly framed with us at The Perfect Corner We’ll make sure they look top-notch in a beautiful custom picture frame or shadowbox! We carefully handle old, fragile, and delicate objects in accordance with the best preservation practices. You can trust that your antiques, vintage photos, antique art, textiles, objects and collections will be framed with care and patience.

Ask us about UV filtering glass and plexiglas options for added protection. Our expert picture framers can help you design a gorgeous and archival display for your precious items.

Some tips for framing old, rare and delicate antique items:
  • Never use glue, tape or other adhesives when mounting items. Sew, mount or otherwise build a physical support for the items out of inert, archival materials.
  • Always use UV filtering glass to protect items from fading.
  • Use acid-free alphamat or cotton rag mat boards to prevent acid damage.
  • Hang valuable art and antiques on interior walls where the temperature doesn’t shift drastically.
  • Periodically take a close look at your framed antiques and art to make sure that it is still in good shape.
  • Anything worth saving for a lifetime is worth custom framing!

Have you got a collection of something that needs to be framed? Keys, records, tickets, toy cars? Dolls, thimbles, spoons? Porcelain figurines? Arrowheads? Concert t-shirts? Baseball cards? Whether new or old, collections look great in custom picture frames.

Let us give your collectibles a new home that protects them from dust, handling and UV damage. We can make them look awesome in a fabulous new custom frame!

Ask us about how to turn your shadowbox into a cabinet that can be accessed to arrange and rearrange your collectibles too.

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